Azure Bicep Monthly Updates — April 2024

Gijs Reijn
3 min readMay 8, 2024

Ah yes, a freshly late new version dropped this April by the Bicep team. This time, the version has been bumped up to v0.27.1.

Figure 1 — Bicep v0.27.1

Time to see what kind of freshness was brought into the version!

General Availability Publish Source

Back in January of this year, the new option to publish your source code with your module to repositories was behind a feature flag. The experimental feature publishSource has now been removed, as the functionality has reached General Availability status!

To see an example script how to leverage this functionality, check out the scripts that the Bicep team has published on GitHub.

New Operator and Functions Introduced

Anthony Martin, one of the Engineering Managers working in the Bicep team, implemented a new operator called the spread operator.

The spread operator syntax is simply typing in ... and was commonly used in other programming languages. Think of the spread operator as a way to easily combine or unpack things like arrays or objects.

For example, Anthony showcased it during the community call for an array as such:

var arrA = [ 2, 3 ]
var arrB = [ 1, ...arrA, 4 ] // equivalent to [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]



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