Design Machine Configuration Packages to Work For You — Tricks from the Field

Gijs Reijn
5 min readMay 9, 2024

Machine Configuration packages aren’t that clever, just as Desired State Configuration (DSC). Or have they become?

Figure 1 — AutoManage from Microsoft Learn

When getting started with Machine Configuration and you come from the DSC world, you probably familiarized yourself quite well because the authoring experience is mostly done using the DSC language.

Despite that, if you are getting started with both and you go into more depth, you probably will find one challenge that is commonly known amongst DSC fanatics.

When you authorize a DSC configuration, it can produce many MOF files, because they are node-specific. Often though, you create configuration data to produce even more MOF files for each machine you want to target.

Of course, creating data files helps in making less duplicate code, but it still produces MOF files that need to be handled across your server estate.

Now when entering the Machine Configuration world, I thought, maybe things are different. And yes, when digging into Machine Configuration, two outstanding things grabbed my attention that could make Machine Configuration stand apart from plain DSC let’s so to speak.

In this article, you will learn two tricks that help you design Machine Configuration packages to…



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