Two Small Chocolatey Tricks That Can Make A Big Difference

Gijs Reijn
6 min readApr 12, 2024

Oh no, not chocolate, but “Chocolatey”, the command-line package manager for Windows.

It’s been more than a decade since Chocolatey was released, and now many enterprises use it to handle software on their Windows workloads.

When you are just getting started with Chocolatey, it is actually pretty straightforward. You grab the install.ps1 script from, run it from an elevated prompt, and choco command-line interface (CLI) utility is installed on your local machine.

Then you scatter the packages' library to find the package (or software) you need and either do:

  • chocolatey install <packageName> — To install the package
  • choco upgrade <packageName> — To upgrade the package
  • choco uninstall <packageName> — To uninstall the package

… and you are ready to go.

Even though that sounds pretty cool already, there might always be some rough edges or you want to create something custom yourself, for me, there have been two tricks that never get old when working with Chocolatey.

Let’s get into them.

1. Make Chocolatey Work for You



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